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ReServer Seminar

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Convenient online tool for booking meeting rooms in hotels or conference centers. ReServer Seminar also enhances your position as a convention and conference destination. You provide organisers, providers and customers such a professional tool that planning and execution becomes easy. ReServer Seminar offers a clear presentation of the venues, facilities and bookings.
At the same time seminar courses can also be booked online. Bookings can be made by customers online or in the back office. Accounting, billing and data export are available here, as with all other ReServer modules.
ReServer Seminar is also suitable for seminar organizers, educational institutions or venues for the presentation and booking of their programmes and facilities.

Range of services:
• Search engine for specific selection of venues
• Presentation of venues, facilities and seminar courses
• Booking online and in the back office
• Billing, invoicing and data export for accounting
• Integration of data into the ReServer programme

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